Your Employer's Duties After A Workplace Accident

Many, perhaps even most, workers have a good relationship with their employer. But after a serious workplace injury, what responsibility does your employer have? Are they responsible for finding you medical treatment? Completing your workers' compensation claims? These are all questions that can arise following a workplace incident or accident.

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You Are Hurt. What Should Your Employer Do?

After you inform your employer of an injury, their primary responsibility is to report the injury to the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC). However, it's still the injured worker's responsibility to navigate through the system and keep track of their claim.

In short, your employer is responsible for:

  • Providing emergency medical treatment (or providing access to it) for workers who have been injured on the job
  • Submit a report providing the full and truthful details of the injury
  • Complying with the BWC's requests for any subsequent information regarding the injury

Beyond these points, it is the injured worker's duty to seek further medical attention if necessary, as well as make arrangements for rehabilitation and treatment if necessary.

No matter how much you trust your employer, you should stay on top of the workers' compensation process and not take anything as a given.

Particularly in instances surrounding a serious injury and substantial medical costs, a lawyer can help you keep track of your claim, file appeals and help you explore your options if your claim has been denied.

One thing injured workers should always remember is that they should not expect to have their employer manage their claim. Always stay on top of your own claim.

We Can Help You Figure Out The Next Steps

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