Steps To Take After A Work Injury

It's important to remember that, after an injury, you still have rights. However, knowing which steps to take after an injury can help ensure that your rights are being protected and respected.

At Castrodale Law, LLC, Attorney Gloria Castrodale has helped injured workers across Ohio after they've suffered an on-the-job injury. With over 25 years of workers' compensation litigation experience, we know how to aggressively pursue your claim.

What You Do Can Impact Your Claim

If you've suffered a work injury, there are some things you should immediately do:

  • Seek medical treatment quickly. Doing so immediately after your injury (or after you become aware of your injury or disease) is key. Waiting to consult a doctor can significantly hamper your workers' compensation claim. Seeking treatment should be your number one priority, as your recovery is the most important issue.
  • Inform your employer. Many employers have specific rules and guidelines regarding reporting workplace injuries, but they all mandate that you inform them as quickly as possible. If your employer has reporting requirements, be sure to comply.
  • Make sure to seek medical treatment from a BWC Certified Physician.
  • Collect all documents relating to your injury. Medical records and accident reports are extremely important, as are witness accounts, or any video or audio recording related to the incident.
  • Be smart when discussing your injury. While you may have the urge to inform your family and friends of your situation via social media, it's best to refrain from doing so. Even seemingly harmless posts can be used against your claim.
  • Contact us. Seeking an experienced lawyer to assist you through the initial claim or any appeals or litigation processes after your injury can put you in a better position to succeed.

You have the right to have effective counsel represent your rights. At Castrodale Law, LLC, we can do so for you.

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