Over 25 Years Of Litigation Experience In Ohio

After a serious or even devastating injury, workers and employers may disagree on some issues, including the severity of the injury or the circumstances surrounding its occurrence. When these matters aren't easily resolved, one or both sides may turn to the courts for resolution.

Attorney Gloria Castrodale has represented Ohio's injured workers in court for over two decades. We know what it takes to successfully represent injured workers.

Helping Those Injured Understand Workers' Compensation Litigation

While some workers believe they can go through the workers' compensation process without a lawyer, litigation is significantly more complicated and cumbersome.

Often, workers who go through the administrative appeals process will have to go through Ohio's Courts of Common Pleas, where they essentially must prove their case all over again. Many times, workers find that their claims are already approved, but not for the correct medical condition that will permit benefits to be paid. We set out to correct the record by seeking the additional allowances requested by your physician. We will make sure the full extent of your injury is recognized by the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation.

We have helped workers obtain Medical Benefits, Temporary Total Disability Benefits, Permanent Total Disability Compensation, Permanent Partial Disability Compensation, Wage Loss compensation, Loss of Use and Amputation Awards.

We work on your case from the initial filing, through paper discovery, to the deposition stage. We bring in our expert witnesses to support your case when necessary. We are aggressive in mediation and litigation when your case has been appealed into Common Pleas Court. We vigorously pursue your rights before a Judge or Jury.

Attorney Gloria Castrodale built her practice and reputation by litigating workers' compensation cases. We know the process and the law and can help you land back on your feet.

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