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Is your employer failing you with your workers’ compensation?

An injury at work that has left you in recovery instead of being at your post can be daunting. Instead of your usual routine of being productive at work day-in and day-out, you may now feel uneasy that you are not with your co-workers and accomplishing your expected duties.

If you are in this situation, the way your employer interacts and treats you during this time can have a real impact on you. If your employer has simply turned everything that happened with your injury over for insurance and does not stay in touch with you, it can feel like you have been discarded.

How can I succeed with a disability assistance claim?

If a person becomes disabled at work or in the home, he or she may rely on the Social Security Administration (SSA) for the support required to recover and get back to their normal lifestyle. The speed of a claim for disability payments can make the difference between a bearable time and financial ruin, but the SSA may not be reliable in these cases.

How easy is it for Ohioans to get disability payments from the SSA?

Workers' compensation claims falsified by former Ohio clinic

For more than 170 years, workers' compensation has existed in the United States to make up for injuries that may happen due to negligence or carelessness on the job. Although most disputes around the employment law occur because an agency did not pay enough, fraud and other bad dealings can trigger excessive payments.

An undercover agent recently showed that a health care facility in Willoughby Hills, an Ohio town northeast of Cleveland, billed the state's Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) for several services that were not rendered to patients. One eyewitness situation covered an injured worker who refused treatment but the BWC was billed for a procedure with manufactured patient notes.

Former managers charged in connection to Ohio workplace accident

Workplace safety is a valuable part of any industry or profession. Accidents can happen, especially in high-risk sectors, but employers owe their workers the best chance at avoiding injury or death.

A pair of former supervisors at an aluminum plant in Youngstown are facing criminal charges, as they are suspected of contributing to a workplace accident and scrambling to cover up their shortcomings after a worker died and another was seriously injured. The problem revolves around a conveyor system that may have posed foreseeable dangers to employees.

Highway collision claims Ohio worker's life

Workplaces have to be safe before anything else. This is one rule that employees in every industry can agree on. Safety plays a different part in every workplace, with daily routines being shaped by safety needs more in industries with greater risk to the people in it.

Emergency services such as law enforcement and firefighting have inherent risks and can be some of the most dangerous professions in the country. Construction, however, tops the U.S. and Ohio lists for hazards that may affect workers as well as injuries and deaths on the job.

Opting for a lump sum workers’ compensation payment

Workplace injuries affect many employees across Ohio. Whether you work in a factory, on an assembly line, lift heavy materials or injure yourself in an office environment, you have the opportunity to receive damages from your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

Some employees choose to receive a lump sum payment after the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation approves their claim. This lump sum will add your expenses from when you initially received your injury, but it will also include all quantified future expenses you may face due to the injury’s effects.

Ohio manufacturing accident causes government penalties

Work sites can only be productive when workers and visitors are safe to get things done. Construction, one of the nation's most dangerous professions, requires many laws and regulations to ensure qualified people are working with the appropriate procedures to prevent injury or death.

When accidents happen, there are often few choices for the victims of workplace injuries and their families. The most common one is to claim financial damages from the parties responsible for a dangerous work environment.

Workers' compensation helps law enforcement in Ohio

Professionals in every career and location care about their own safety and the safety of their co-workers. The United States has come a long way in the last few decades in protecting workers who had previously faced unacceptable risks, but some employees still face problems and require assistance through insurance and workers' compensation laws.

Workers' compensation claims can lead to more than financial help for people hurt in the workplace. Claims can forward the cause of workplace safety in some of the country's most dangerous professions. For example, the Buckeye State's injured worker fund is making moves to keep some workers safe and prevent future problems.

Preventing heat exhaustion on the job in Columbus

Heat exhaustion is nothing to mess around with, especially when you are working outdoors for hours on end. This is a health issue that many people suffer from every summer. It can easily be avoided by taking some preventive steps before, during and after spending a shift outside working for your employer. We will discuss those tips today, so you do not wind up suffering from heat exhaustion.

If you know you will be working outside in extreme heat, you need to stay hydrated. Drink roughly 16 ounces of water or some other fluid with electrolytes in it at least 30 minutes before beginning work. While working, drink eight ounces of water every 20 minutes.

Workplace injury responsibilities for both employer and worker

Receiving an injury while on the job should be taken very seriously. Employees in every state including Ohio are required to have a healthy work environment that is reasonably safe. However, even in what could be considered a safe area, an injury can occur.

Suffering an injury in the workplace is very common. American workers are injured on the job every seven seconds. That comes to 12,300 a day or 4,500,000 injuries a year. Workplace injuries commonly come from a fall, contact with objects or directly from equipment.

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