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Preventing heat exhaustion on the job in Columbus

Heat exhaustion is nothing to mess around with, especially when you are working outdoors for hours on end. This is a health issue that many people suffer from every summer. It can easily be avoided by taking some preventive steps before, during and after spending a shift outside working for your employer. We will discuss those tips today, so you do not wind up suffering from heat exhaustion.

If you know you will be working outside in extreme heat, you need to stay hydrated. Drink roughly 16 ounces of water or some other fluid with electrolytes in it at least 30 minutes before beginning work. While working, drink eight ounces of water every 20 minutes.

You should be drinking flavored water since plain water quenches your thirst quickly, which causes people to drink less of it. This can cause you to suffer heat exhaustion. Flavored water will not quench your thirst as quickly as plain water, forcing you to drink more of it.

Refrain from wearing a hat while working outside. A hat will prevent the heat from leaving your body through your head. If you are worried about exposure to the sun on your face, be sure to apply sunscreen multiple times throughout the day.

You should always stay hydrated when working outside in the summer months. The heat and humidity can wreak havoc on your health, leading to heat exhaustion that could put you in the hospital. If you follow the tips outlined here, you should be able to enjoy a day at work without suffering from heat issues.

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